Mumbai Salat Timings

Fajr             5.35
Sunrise       6.55
Zohar         12.29
Sunset        5.58
Maghrib       6.1
Holy Prophet (s) - Whenever one sneezes while he is talking this is a sign that he is telling the truth. (Mishkat ul Anwaar)
KSI Jamat, Mumbai
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Inna lilahe wa inna ilahe rajeeon Mushtaqalibhai Alimohammed Rafik age 63 yrs from Bandra has passed away. Dafan has been scheduled for 7.30pm on Monday 17th November 2014, at Mumbai Aarambaug. InshaAllah. Fatehakhani in Ladies & Gents after Maghrib on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at Bandra Khoja Masjid, Mumbai 400 050. Marhum was younger brother of Masumali Rafik. Please recite sura Fateha & Namaz E Waheshat for the deceased.

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