Mumbai Salat Timings

Fajr             5.2
Sunrise       6.4
Zohar         12.25
Sunset        6.05
Maghrib       6.17
H. Ali (a) - To refrain from unlawful and impious source of pleasures is an ornament to the poor and to be thankful for the riches granted is the adornment of wealth. (Nahj al Balagah)
KSI Jamat, Mumbai
Death, Fatehakhwaani, Majalis, Jashn, Upcoming events, Daily Hadees, etc.

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Inna lilahe wa inna ilahe rajeeon Zulfikarali Razahussain Gulamhussain Mewawala age 55 yrs from Mumbra has passed away. Dafan has been scheduled for 2pm on Monday 27th October 2014, at Mumbra Aarambaug. InshaAllah. Baithiziyarat Please recite sura Fateha & Namaz E Waheshat for the deceased.

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