Mumbai Salat Timings

Fajr             4.47
Sunrise       6.07
Zohar         12.45
Sunset        7.18
Maghrib       7.3
Holy Prophet (s) - On the Resurrection Day all rich and poor people will wish that they were only given enough to fulfill their needs in this world. (Mishkat ul Anwaar)
KSI Jamat, Mumbai
Death, Fatehakhwaani, Majalis, Jashn, Upcoming events, Daily Hadees, etc.

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A Constitutional Review Committee has been set up under the Convener-ship of Salim Rajabali Dawoodani.

You may send your ideas and suggestions alongwith your full name and mobile number to .

The following new Committees are also set up:

Haji Yasin bhai Badami (Chairman)
Haji Masoom bhai Kalyan
Haji Yusufali Noorani

Haji Shabbir bhai Somji (Chairman)

Haji Yasin bhai Merchant (Rexello) (Chairman)

INNA LILLAHE WA INNA ELAIHE RAJEEON Sheralibhai Gulamali Kalinawala age 75 years from Dongri has passed away. Dafan has been scheduled for 05:30 PM on Monday 8th June 2015, at Mumbai Aarambuag Inshaallah. Fathekhani in Gents & Ladies at 4 PM on Tuesday 9th June 2015 at Khoja Masjid, Mumbai 400009 Marhum was son-in-law of Late Haji Dawoodbhai Abdalla Dhalla. Please recite sura Fateha & Namaz E Waheshat for the deceased.

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