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Haji Safdarali H. Karmali

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Haji Safdarali H. Karmali

Hon. President

About Hon. President

Al Haj Safdar H Karmali is owner and Managing Director of HK Decorators, Al Hadi Developers, H Karmali co & M A Decorators.

He has been serving the community since the past 4 decades and is the longest serving Office Bearer of KSI Jamat - Mumbai since 1992. He is also one of longest serving Presidents of the Jamaat having been at the helm since 2005.

He is a champion crusader for Education and takes a keen and personal interest in the academic growth of the community's youth.

His other community works include naming of Roads and City Squares in the name of Divine Personalities from the family of Ahlebait e At'haar (as). Over the past three decades, he has been instrumental in getting Juloos Permissions, acquiring plots for Qabrastan, Imambadas, etc. Even at an advanced age of 74, his zeal to serve the community is unparalleled and his passion for community service is as intense as it was decades ago.

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