2019 - 2022


Haji Safdarali H. Karmali

Hon. President

Al Haj Safdar H Karmali is owner and Managing Director of HK Decorators, Al Hadi Developers, H Karmali co & M A Decorators.

He has been serving the community since the past 4 decades and is the longest serving Office Bearer of KSI Jamat - Mumbai since 1992. He is also one of longest serving Presidents of the Jamaat having been at the helm since 2005.

He is a champion crusader for Education and takes a keen and personal interest in the academic growth of the community's youth.

His other community works include naming of Roads and City Squares in the name of Divine Personalities from the family of Ahlebait e At'haar (as). Over the past three decades, he has been instrumental in getting Juloos Permissions, acquiring plots for Qabrastan, Imambadas, etc.

Even at an advanced age of 74, his zeal to serve the community is unparalleled and his passion for community service is as intense as it was decades ago.

Ali Akbar Ratansi

Joint Hon. Treasurer

Ali Akbar Ratansi is owner & Managing Director of Royal Collect, Fox Lights & Grip and Imperial Lights & Grip since last 5 decades.

He is also running various Schools & Orphanages within India from Mumbai to Kargil. He is actively involved with various institutions like Comfort Aid International, Sajjadiya Trust to drive exclusive projects within India for our community.

He is currently heading as Managing Trustee of Najafi Group of Trusts which works for betterment of our society. He is also serving as a Trustee of Imaan Foundation, Raza Abbas Foundation which aids our brothers across INDIA for Medical, Education, Housing & various other activities.

He was also appointed as a Jt. Secretary of KSI Jamat- Mumbai in 1984 under Marhum Al Haj Roshanali Dawood Nasser's leadership. Since then he was a consistent Consulting Committee member of our Jamat to serve in his capacity. He also served as Managing Committee member for 5 years in KSI Jamat- Mumbai.

His wide experience to serve the community has been around for 37 years & with his expertise in various aid domains, he is always considered as Asset to our community. Recently in the year 2019 he agreed to serve as Treasurer of KSI Jamat- Mumbai on honorary basis.

His dedication & Enthusiasm to serve the community has been unparalleled. He believes to always promote Youth engagement in the community & train youngsters for a better tomorrow.

Salim Rajabali Dawoodani

Joint Hon. Treasurer

Salim Rajabali Dawoodani is an ex Vice President of one of the oldest Investment Banking Firms in India and has headed Equity Research and Fund Management.

He was also a Business Columnist for several years and has written over 200 articles on Stock Market and on the nuances of Trading & Investment.

His views were regularly sought in mainstream Print and Electronic media and he regularly appeared on Business News on various TV channels.

He was the Chairman of the Constitution Review Committee of Mumbai KSI Jamaat was also the member of the Managing Committee and other Committees of the Jamaat.

He loves Urdu poetry and has written several Nauhas & Manqabats over the past three decades.

Mohammedali Rajabali Budhwani

Hon. Joint Secretary

Mohammedali Rajabali Budhwani is the Chairman & MD of Toyam Industries limited. He is also Founder of Kumite 1 League.

He has vast experience in Entrepreneurial Leadership & Business Development. His Area of Expertise include strategic planning & Matrix Management.

As a combat Sports Enthusiast, he aims to create opportunities for the community & grow the sports of MMA through different national & Global endeavours. He is also someone who is serving many social activities which needs no introduction.

He has also done a remarkable job in serving Zaereen e IMAM HUSEIN (as) through Carvan e Hind Moqib- 327 since last 5 years. Currently handling secretarial responsibilities for KSI Jamat- Mumbai in order to serve our Community brethren.

Zulfiqar Shabbirali Dawoodani

Hon. Joint Secretary

Zulfiqar Shabbirali Dawoodani has completed his B.Com, LLB & post then he is a practicing Advocate & a Tax Consultant since 1994.

He was also appointed as Special Executive Officer by Goverment of Maharashtra which is a great achievement. He is an expert in Income Tax & GST related activities. With his Expertise, He holds numerous clients to cater his services across the state.

Besides his Professional life, he is also great community worker who likes to serve his community brothers across through various Activities. One of them is being a Trustee of Islamic Volunteer Troop (IVT) who serves Azadar e IMAM HUSEIN (as) during Mahe Aza.

He was appointed as a Consulting committee member for more then a decade. He was also appointed as Internal Auditor for KSI Jamat- Mumbai & served our community for several years on honorary basis. He was also appointed as a Managing committee member in the recent years & Alhamdulillah Currently handling Secretarial responsibilities in KSI Jamat- Mumbai.

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